Welcome to Aiden Madrigal's official site at The Authors Haunt.  Please feel free to explore the stories and poems published here, and hopefully enjoy them all.

One of the original authors hosted at The Authors Haunt, and its predecessor site "The Hub", Aiden Madrigal made a vast and valuable contribution to the site, becoming one of our leading poets, a member of the Community Moderation Team and a close personal friend to many members, including the Site Administrator.

On March 23rd 2010, Maddy, as he's known to his friends, decided to take "Emeritus" status at The Authors Haunt, withdrawing from active live as both an author and member in order to pursue his goals in life without being drawn constantly into the often consuming cyber-world.  While we at The Authors Haunt are sad to see him go, we wish him well and hope that he is able to achieve his dreams.

After talking with Rob Hawes, the Site Administrator, Maddy decided to leave his work online here at The Authors Haunt, and a special author rank was created to describe his circumstances.  Initially this rank was to be called "Former Author", but as no one who writes ever really ceases to be an author, it was ultimately decided that "Emeritus Author" would be more appropriate, signifying their continued status as an author, but indicating that they have retired from active writing.

Maddy will be missed at The Authors Haunt, both by his friends and his readers, but while his work is published here a part of him will always remain on this site while the other, more tangible parts pursue other dreams.

Good luck Maddy!

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